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This is the website of Koriciza, an orpha
nage in Kirundo, in Northern Burundi.  "Koriciza" means "do the good" in Kirundi.  The orphanage cares for 80 children and young adults between the ages of six and 20 years old, and more children are cared for by local foster families, and at boarding school.  Koriciza does not currently receive any support from the government, or from any non-governmental organisations, and relies on help froMixed groupm volunteers and sporadic donations from local people to meet the children's needs.  As it is, despite the hard work and dedication of those involved, the orphanage struggles to meet the basic needs of the children.  

It is hoped that this website will give a voice to the children of Koriciza and those who care for them, and will encourage others to help in any way they can.

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